Hey, hello, hi. I’m a software engineer, recovering painter, musician, and bad content creator living in Boston, MA.

I’m currently working at Buoy Health. We’re trying to change healthcare for the better.

I used to make music with wpatcs. Now I’m working on a new solo project. You can check out what I’ve been listening to lately over at my last.fm. You can also find me on soundcloud. I also do the whole Programming Thing™ [1][2].

My resume can be found here. It’s nearly a year out of date.

In case you need to email me privately, my PGP key can be found here. My fingerprint is:

09C5 5C3B 79F3 38A1 E534 142A B37B 7EBF FE55 F5F1

Normally this is the part where I tell you how this site was made or something but I promise that you don’t REALLY care.