Slock [WIP]

Winner: Best Security Related Hack, Project page

Slock uses public key cryptography to automatically encrypt your chats on Facebook Messenger. Instead of using a random server to get your friends' public keys, it uses Facebook's Graph API! If a Facebook friend of yours installs the extension and uploads their own public key to their Facebook profile all of your chats with them will be automatically encrypted! Slock is a browser extension made at HackGSU 2016, but hopes to be even more than that!

SplitStreamr [WIP]

Winner: Apple's Best iOS Hack, Viasat's Connecting The World Hack

An iOS app that uses mesh networking to distribute the cost of streaming songs using a mobile data connection amongst multiple devices. Currently it's being extended to handle a wide range of files. Built with Swift, Node, Express, and MongoDB at HackIllinois 2016.


A web app that creates lyrics to YouTube videos based on what’s actually going on in the video. It also barks at you. Built with Vue.js, Node, Express, and MongoDB at HackFSU 2016. A live demo is up here:

Crawlr [WIP]

Back-end, Front-end

A social bar crawling application that allows you to easily discover bars crawls created in your area and check in as you complete them. Built with Swift, Node, Express, and MongoDB in 18 hours for KnightHacks 2016.


A social drawing game where two people continually add to a drawing on a turn by turn basis. Got to fight with trying to synchronize canvas drawings over REST. Built with Angular, Express, Node and MongoDB in 36 hours for UGAHacks 2015.


A video course system and web presence for Melbourne Martial Arts in Melbourne, Florida. Built with Angular, Express, Node, and MongoDB.


Winner: 3rd place SwampHacks 2015

An application designed to make short-term polling easy and intuitive for small to large groups. Built with Angular, Express, Node, and MongoDB in 18 hours for SwampHacks 2015. A live demo can be viewed at


A web application allowing users to tag songs and artist names with pop-culture references. Built with Python, Flask, Jinja2, and SQLAlchemy.